The relana® principle

The relana® principle – Our brand equity

The brand relana® offers analytical laboratories the possibility to communicate to clients and orderers their membership in the relana® quality circle. 

The relana® principle focusses on the core of the analytical services of the laboratories.


The members of relana® commit themselves to meet highest requirements.

The following activities ensure the quality and credibility of relana®:

Audits – regularly, short-dated and intensive

Independent experts regularly perform inspection visits at relana® laboratories. The auditors are experienced in the area of residue and contaminant analysis. The inspection visits belong to the key activities of relana®.

Undercover samples

Regular and unannounced introduction of so-called undercover test samples ensures the steady verification of the analytical competencies in the laboratories' daily routines.

Process optimisation as a routine

Continuous verification of all relevant processes in the laboratories like f. ex. sample homogenisation, preparation, clean-up and instrumental measurement with regard to technical equipment and qualified personnel. In addition, the laboratories are constantly and repeatedly checked (also "undercover") for the correct assessment and evaluation of analytical data, corresponding interpretation of analytical results and appropriate consultancy provided to their clients.

Positive exchange

The relana® platform exclusively offers an open and constructive exchange between the laboratories. This enables the laboratories to discuss analytical problems aiming to improve analytical performances. The access to up-to-date information becomes more and more important as new analytical developments appear from nowhere. In such cases it is crucial to be better informed.