relana® data

relana® data

With relana® data interested companies and organisations are offered an information possibility on residue data of pesticides and contaminants, which uses the (analysis) data available at the relana® laboratories. As a platform for the requests the Lach & Bruns partnership acts as operator and rights holder of relana®.

Potential customers for the data queries are basically companies and organisations from the areas of (organic) food production, processing, storage, wholesale and retail, import/export as well as control and certification bodies.

Do you know that?

A new monitoring plan is to be developed for the coming year, whether for the existing product range, new products or the verification of imported goods or the integrity of organically produced food. 

Product safety and integrity, the preparation of meaningful analysis plans and efficiency in the implementation of these objectives are the key constraints. 

On what basis can these tasks best be implemented?

Nature of the offer

In principle, requests for residue data of pesticides and contaminants in relation to different parameters can be processed. Please refer to our Flyer relana® data for details. The provision of the data is carried out by the laboratories (at least 2 laboratories per query). The data is transferred to Lach & Bruns / relana® in Excel format according to the specifications of Lach & Bruns and the customer's requirements. Lach & Bruns structures the data and prepares them according to the customer requirements.

Lach & Bruns structures the data and prepares it according to the customer's requirements. Lach & Bruns is responsible for ensuring that when the final data set or report is handed over to the client, it is not possible in any way to identify the sources of the data or the laboratories providing the data for the respective request.
We would be pleased to send you our price list or a specific offer according to your requirements.

Participating relana® laboratories

  • Analytica Alimentaria GmbH (Almeria, Spain)
  • Analytica Alimentaria GmbH (Kleinmachnow, Germany)
  • Analytisches Institut Bostel GmbH & Co. KG (Stuttgart, Germany)
  • bilacon GmbH (Berlin, Germany)
  • Greit s.r.l. (Bologna, Italy)
  • Labor Friedle GmbH (Tegernheim, Germany)