What relana® offers laboratories

relana® is independent

Audits and the evaluation of laboratories' skills are performed independently of any third parties. 

relana® membership is a quality feature

In addition to the accreditation (according to ISO 17025), a relana® laboratory declares its willingness to be checked for its quality services and analytical performances in everyday laboratory work - thus taking into consideration the influence and constraints of daily routines.

relana® = professional exchange

During regular web-meetings and yearly workshops relana® laboratories make use of the relana® forums for professional exchanges among scientific experts - also on an international level.

This enables all relana® member-laboratories to discuss analytical problems and developments related to analysis, evaluation and judgement of results, and related to consultancy services of laboratories. New upcoming issues (like f. ex. new active substances, relevant changes of regulatory requirements etc.) are promptly  discussed and communicated. Method ring test exclusively offered to  relana® laboratories ensure a professional advantage and also an advantage in terms of timing.

relana® is international

relana® has an international focus. Therefore, this quality circle is open to every laboratory interested.

relana® goes beyond analytical quality

A unique feature of a membership in the relana® quality circle is the active verification of the laboratory's skills related to the evaluation (judgement) of analytical results and the provision of appropriate consultancy to the laboratory's clients.

Member laboratories of the relana® quality circle make use of the possibility to discuss and exchange different perspectives going beyond pure analytical questions. This refers to regulatory issues (Maximum Residue Levels) as well as to health-related (toxicological) aspects. 

relana® focusses on quality – in day-to-day routines

First priority of relana® is to make sure that laboratories meet highest quality levels in day-to-day routines.

A register of all members of the relana®-qualiy circle is published here.