Laboratory clients

The offer of relana® laboratories

Competence and quality of consultancy

relana® laboratories offer qualified and customised advice - going beyond pure analytical services. The resulting recommendations support and ensure the conformity with legal requirements (food law) and in addition the conformity with specifications of private-sector companies.

Analytical quality on a high level - in day-to-day routines

"Reliable services when it really matters - in customer's everyday reality!" relana® laboratories face this challenge as they allow relana® to check them undercover: The laboratory receives a test sample which is made up like a routine sample. An official client orders the analysis of this sample (routine order form of this client is used).

Results of such undercover tests MUST NOT be compared with the performances of laboratories in officially announced ring tests. Such official ring tests are usually analysed with special care before reporting results to the ring test organiser. Undercover tests present a completely different perspective: The perspective of the clients (of laboratories), who are sending samples to laboratories on a daily or regular basis.

Competent judgement of analytical results

On top of pure analytical results, relana® laboratories offer professional advices / judgements related to the analytical results - depending on the specific requests of the laboratory's clients (like f. ex. conformity with legal requirement of European food law, conformity with client-specific requirements, compliance with Maximum Residue Levels, evaluation of toxicological indicators in terms of food safety aspects, etc).


"Do good and talk about it" (Walter Fisch). Sophisticated services and associated efforts to provide reliable analyses of relana® laboratories are the motivations for presenting this commitment also to the public. Ask your relana® laboratory for tangible examples of performances related to the services you require.

Independent checks of relana® laboratories - a plus for more safety

On a yearly basis, inspection visits are perfomed at each relana® laboratory in order to thoroughly check the actual situation on-site. The maxim here is "Parachuting in the routine laboratory practice" - in order to check the realistic (and thus lived) quality related to analyses, advice services and judgement of analytical results. The practice is of highest importance as paper doesn't blush ...

relana® quality guidelines

relana® laboratories must have appropriate experienced staff and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. The membership in the relana® quality circle is always valid for one year only. The qualification for a relana® membership has to be proven over and over again.

Meeting the requirements of the relana® quality guidelines and of the membership qualification is checked continuously by means of various activities (short-dated inspection visits, undercover samples, etc.).

relana® goes beyond analyses

A unique feature of a membership in the relana® quality circle is the active verification of the laboratory's skills related to the evaluation (judgement) of analytical results and the provision of appropriate advice to the laboratory's clients.

Member laboratories of the relana® quality circle make use of the possibility to discuss and exchange different perspectives going beyond pure analytical questions. This refers to regulatory issues (Maximum Residue Levels) as well as to health-related (toxicological) aspects.

relana® focusses on quality – in day-to-day routines

First priority of relana® is to make sure that laboratories meet highest quality levels in day-to-day routines.

A register of all members of the relana® quality circle is published here.