Position Papers

relana® Position Papers

The reliability and validity of analytical results are of highest importance for all stakeholders of the food chain. Therefore, analytical laboratories have to meet highest levels of appropriate accuracy and care.

On the other hand, laboratories have to face analytical challenges depending on the applied methods and procedures, and the individual, local realities and conditions (equipment, integration into established process chains, constraints associated with existing space at the laboratory etc.). This has a huge impacte on laboratories' routines.

This is a "Herculean task". And this is the reason why a standardised method might vary in detail from laboratory to laboratory.

The outcome is an analytical compromise varying from laboratory to laboratory.

relana® Position Papers take firm positions related to the necessary analytical compromises.

Position Paper No. 19-03: Differing results of competent laboratories: reasons and what is “common”?

This position paper refers to possible reasons and influences on differing analytical results (although no or only few differences are expected).

relana pos. paper 19-03 Differing results

Position Paper No. 19-02: Influence of sampling on the variation and validity of analytical results

This position paper refers to the influence of sampling (outside the laboratory) on the analytical result and the corresponding deviations of analytical results.

relana pos. paper 19-02 Influence of sampling

Position Paper No. 19-01: Sources of contamination of samples for analysis

This position paper is about substances (pesticides, contaminants, biocides a.o.) showing positive results in laboratory samples altough these substances were not applied deliberately.

relana pos. paper 19-01 Sources of Contaminations

Position Paper No. 18-01: Sample Preparation Project – Part 1

This position paper refers to the preparation and homogenisation of food samples (fruits and vegetables) for residue analyses taking – demonstrated by 5 selected products.


Position Paper No. 17-01: Phthalimid part 2 – Unavoidable Artefact!

This position paper refers to the formation of phthalimid (PI) out of phthalic anhydride (PSA) during  gaschromatografic analysis, and corresponding impacts on the interpretation of results.


Position Paper No 16-05: Quantification of Acidic Herbicides

This Position Paper is related to to the quantification of Phenoxycarboxylic acids (“Acidic Herbicides”), which require an additional hydrolysis step in certain cases.


Position Paper No 16-04: Analysis of Ethephon in processed food products

This position paper is related to the reliable analysis of Ethephon in processed (dried) food products.


Position Paper No 16-03: Phthalimid part 1 – About the problem of the new residue definition of Folpet

This position paper is related to the new residue definition of Folpet (reg. (EC) no 396/2005), which now includes the metabolite Phthalimid (PI).


Position Paper No 16-02: Challenging Pesticides (Multi-Residue-Analysis)

This position paper is related to pesticides which are possibly challenging for “Multi-Residue-Method”-analyses.


Position Paper No 16-01: Analysis and reporting of Guazatine

This position paper is related to the residue analysis and the corresponding reporting of levels of the fungicide Guazatine on citrus fruits and other crops.

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